Friday, March 13, 2009

HULK HOGAN LINDA BOLLEA DIVORCE Gets ugly in the court room

Recent news on the HULK HOGAN DIVORCE campaign has TERRY BOLLEA (AKA HULK HOGAN) barging in on his LINDA BOLLEA's lawyers press conference. Ya I know this is confusing but follow along here.

The argument between HULK HOGAN and the LAWYER started when Linda's lawyer started poking accusations of mone hiding on HULK HOGAN. HOGAN replied by saying LINDA BOLLEA was in on all those meetings where the various shell companies were set up.

Embedded video from CNN Video

It came out in court Thursday afternoon that Terry and Linda Bollea have about $10-million in various accounts. But most of that money is frozen while their divorce is still going on.

So Terry Bollea asked a judge to free up some of that money to pay bills.

Bollea, known as former professional wrestler and television personality Hulk Hogan says he recently had back surgery and is unable to work right now. He walked to the witness stand with crutches.

Bollea told the court he has about $410,000 in an account that is available to him. But his outstanding bills total about $312,000. He asked the court to free up an additional $300,000 a month for expenses.

His wife Linda Bollea's attorney argued against that, claiming Terry Bollea is misspending marital assets.

After a two-and-a-half hour hearing, the judge granted Terry Bollea an additional $225,000 a month, for three months.

As his wife's attorney Raymond Rafool spoke with reporters after, Hulk Hogan confronted him in the courtroom and Rafool fired back.

"What about morally for John Graziano," Bollea said, referring to his son's friend who has significant brain damage after a car accident. His son Nick was the driver.

"You know what you're an actor, you're acting now, if you had morals why did you set up all these companies to try to ditch it, what's moral about that, what about let me tell you something you are the person that has caused this issue," said Rafool.

"Hey, hey I hope your son enjoys the autograph you asked me for earlier, thank you. You're right now ok do you want to argue Thank you, Hulkomaniac brother," said Bollea.

"Good see Ya," said Rafool.

Bollea's estranged wife Linda did not say anything in court Thursday afternoon, or after the hearing.

Attorneys for both sides agreed on a date for the Bollea's divorce trial. It's scheduled to start October 5th and is expected to last about three weeks.